Palma De Mallorca Airport

Novatilu PLAY expands the concept “play area” in Palma De Mallorca Airport new installations

Concerning this installation, we have added to the ...

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Solar Junior poles installation

Novatilu has developed a Street Lighting Project with Solar Junior Poles in the city of Tortellà, la Garrotxa, ruled by the Regional Council of la Garrotxa.

The ...

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La Torre de Claramunt

NOVATILU has participated in the remodeling of the Swimming Pool Square in La Torre de Claramunt.
The new square has been opened as one of the most emblematic ...

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Arq Collection

This time, the NOVATILU project of urban equipment is the installation of various units of the Arq collection. Benches are entirely made of pine wood with ...

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First Siena with NOVATILUX technology

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