Ref. IBM3T3


  • Material: Made of spheroidal graphite ductile iron according to ISO 1083 (Type 500-7) and EN1563.
  • Installation area: D-400 class to EN-124. Group 4. Road, pedestrian ways, stabilized verges and car park areas for all kind of vehicles.
  • Coating: Non-toxic, inflammable and non-contaminant water-soluble black paint.
  • Surface: slippery-proof metallic cover.
  • Stability and soundproofing: Frame with EVA sound-proof joint to ensure the total absence of noise and avoid cover movement.
  • Joint: Floating hinge to ensure easy opening and allow full inside exploration. Cover gets locked at 120º.
  • Security: Double elastic security and closure by lock key to ensure the manhole cover locking and the perfect fitting of the cover within its frame. It is removable when left in vertical position.
  • Optional: Markings and customizations available. Contact us for further information.
  • Civil works: Frame that features holes for ground fixing as per our recommendations.


Covers and grates for sewage, manhole covers, cast iron, channels and sumps , Utility service manhole covers , IBM3T3 IBM3T3 ,
  • CLASS - D400
  • ØA-858mm
  • H-103mm
  • ØC-645mm
  • ØP-601mm


  • D-400

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