Novatilu designs the new large format play area in La Coruña

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    La Coruña

The City Council of La Coruña has made a large investment in remodeling Isaac Díaz Pardo Square with the installation of NOVATILU children's games. The playground consists of two play areas designed for two different age groups. The game elements of Novatilu are perfectly integrated into the project. A design that goes beyond the limits of supply and assembly to address the issue of landscaping, thus drawing a fairy tale environment offering total playability in a fully urban area.

More design, better materials and great playability
The project consists of two mountains of 1.5 and 2.5 metres in height in the area for older children with two climbing walls for climbing in steep areas, slides on embankments and a network for climbing. The mountains are crossed by two tubes of 600 metres to crawl inside. The modular game LIA, two swings CLOK and two three-dimensional networks PYRAMID are also part of this play area.

In the area for smaller children, there are three mountains with less height. The playground also has a 20 metres zip line ZIP for children between 4 and 14 years old. Other elements are the carousel CALIA, the modular game BETA, three spring swings, two swings CLOK and BELL , and another inclusive swing ACCES. Many cities successfully use play areas as a singular framework for social interaction and inclusion. It is demonstrated that inclusive play areas prevent vandalism and crime. They unite people by playing.

La Coruña improves its public spaces thanks to NOVATILU
The children can now enjoy new games, rubber floor and a large artificial lawn surface. This play area significantly improves the health, learning and social integration of children in a fun and voluntary way. The children's psychomotricity is fully explored in playgrounds. They are children's gyms that stimulate children for proper development. Young children need to manipulate with their hands, they need to work on laterality, coordination, balance, among others, so that the bond between children is strengthened and they also learn psychomotor techniques to continue working at home.