Monitoring noise

It measures and monitors the acoustic levels from any source of noise in the city

• It makes possible to develop efficient strategies adapted to the real situation of acoustic contamination of each area.
• It makes possible to generate alarms and action panels to fight against the critic situations of acoustic contamination due for example to nightlife, traffic, street Works and industrial zones.
• Economic efficiency by the flexibility in the implementation, the durability of the equipments and its minimum investment and maintenance cost. It is possible to install more points of monitoring.
• Information and transparency with the citizens for their consciousness-raising and support to the measures defined by the Administration.
• The reduction of the acoustic contamination affects positively in terms of health and wellbeing of the citizens.

How Does It Work?

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1. Capture and transmission of the information
The sound level sensors measure continuously the sound pressure level in the environment. The sensors of noise measure the level of pressure in the ambience continuously. The data collected is added every minute, in deliberation A, generating a value of Leq (A) 1min. They are sent to the cloud where they are processed in real time to generate more added LeqA15min, LeqA15min, LeqA1hour, as well as the main acoustic indicators: Lday, Levening, Lninght, Lday, percentiles L90 and L10, among others.

2. Use of the information for the management of the acoustic contamination

For the management device
We provide a web application at the disposal of the management devices of the city, that permit:
• Visualize an analyze the acoustic indicators in real time in a dynamic way.
• Have access to the multiple reports that permit to define and analyze the management strategies.
• Define and manage alarms for the levels of noise.
The citizen permits to integrate easily the sensor data with the Systems and third parties applications.

For the citizen
The system can include a web application for the citizen that will allow him to consult the information and the noise indicators.

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