Industrial Lighting

Novatilu disposes of an engineering department that develops news products and is specialised in the study of the different energy saving projects, to accompany the clients during the whole process of implementation in order to achieve the best result. Regarding industrial lighting, it is essential to create a security and protection environment meeting the current regulation, providing the necessary light level and homogeneity. The different projectors of this range can be configured to obtain the optimal light distribution. Industrial premises, big areas, etc.

    Lighting for food rooms
    Novatilu’s industrial luminaires supply the most efficient light at the least cost in places where the environmental conditions hinder the optimal efficiency of the equipments. They maximize the security to create an optimal work environment. You can reduce the operating costs with Novatilu’s Industrial Lighting. The luminaires offer the adequate type of light (colour tone and spectral quality) in order to highlight the colour and quality of the products by making them more attractive.

    Lighting for white rooms and tunnel freezers
    Novatilu offer the best light quality with its efficient luminaires designed for extreme temperatures up to minus 50 grades. High performance, resistant to the hard work conditions and manufactured with non-toxic materials. Screens with polycarbonate protection and with special treatment like anodizing are some of the finishes we offer so that it does not interfere in the food processing, nor in the room maintenance, thus in compliance with the strictest rules of the food sector. We develop luminaires that endure the most severe industrial conditions.