The MILAN group obtains the ENEC certificate

NOVATILU obtains the ENEC certificate for its group of MILAN luminaires

MILAN luminaires have a double cavity design capable of reducing the working temperature of electronic equipment by 50%. They also incorporate the most advanced LED technology. The user will find the safety of a 100% LED technology manufactured by NOVATILU under the hallmark of the NOVATILUX brand. This brand is a seal of quality guarantee, with unrivaled reliability: LEDs with up to 109,000 hours of life and equipment protected with a 20kA SPD device. We must also highlight the luminaire opening without tools, its adjustable swivel or range of powers, which can range from 30W to 150W, up to 500W if we include the projector version. Undoubtedly, the best luminaire for road or functional use that today can be found on the market.

Also, in NOVATILU, aware that talking about reliability is not enough, have all the certifications: WEEE, ENAC, IAC, IEC, RETILAP and a long list of others that reaches its culmination with the obtaining of the ENEC certificate.

In Novatilu we have achieved the ENEC marking for several of the luminaires in our portfolio. This marking means having successfully passed the stringent requirements in terms of electrical safety and in the manufacturing process. ENEC (European Norms Electrical Certifications) has validated our luminaires, as well as the procedures followed in the production and quality control. It is one more guarantee for our customers to trust more in our products.

The product lines with ENEC marking are Milan group, Agil and Avenue luminaires for road lighting, and Innova and Eskade luminaires in all their versions.